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Student of the Week 8

​Darryl, Hazel, Bell, Hunter, Axel, Acacia, Mayarna, Lani, Jasmine, Jeremy, Chad, Laurence, EJ, Tahzeak, Erma, Seth, and Hunta
Prep-Darryl for being an amazing learner who listens well and always has a go.
Prep-Bell for working consistently and trying her best.
Year1A-Axel for showing enthusiasm for learning sight words.
Year1A- Haylee for demonstrating addition to ten.
Year1/2-Hazel for her amazing retell writing that had lots of detail about characters and events.
Year1/2-Hunter for his great work showing and solving addition and subtraction problems.
Year2A-Erma for always taking responsibility for her own learning.
Year2A-Hunta for creating sensational sizzling starts and tightening tension.
Year2/3-Dominic for his improvement in solving simple addition using known facts and concrete material.
Year2/3-Laurence for his excellent sizzling starts and all-round effort in writing.
Year3/4-Seth for his awesome learning.
Year4A-Lani for solving problems with missing and odd ends.
Year4A-Acacia for improved comprehension skills.
Year5A-Esmond for working diligently on all his literacy and numeracy tasks.
Year5A-Jasmine for working on her fantasy narrative.
Year6A-Jeremy for his outstanding achievement in his reading.
SEP-Taishara for putting in a consistent effort with literacy activities this week.
Principal-Mayarna for being honest and trustworthy in returning lost money.
Principal- Tahzeak for being honest and trustworthy in returning lost money.
Principal- Axel for being honest and trustworthy in returning lost property.
Principal- Chad for positive changes in behaviour and learning.