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Student of the Week 7, Term 3

​Rebecca, Jermaine, Wilma, Jarrell, Alwyn, Khjuan, Tayte, Hazel, Antjuan, Reickarl, Lucia, Tarique, Zane, Hayley, Julie adn Charlie.
Prep: Reickarl for working well on the computer with reading eggs.
Prep: Antjuan for working hard at learning his sight words.
Year 1A: Lucia for growing in confidence and participating in class.
Year 1/2: Zane for reaching the end of year target level 19.
Year 1/2: Tarique for reaching the end of year target level 19.
Year 1/2: Charlie for achieving the end of year target level 19.
Year 1/2: Hazel for showing improvement in her handwriting.
Year 2/3: Alwyn for his enthusiastic attitude and consistently finishing his work to high standards.
Year 2/3: Jarrell for attending school every day and being enthusiastic about his work.
Year 2A: Tayte for a detailed report on the “Saltwater Crocodile.”            
Year 2A: Julie for her outstanding recall of her times tables.                                        
Year 3/4: Tila for taking advice on finding happy solutions.
Year 4: Khyjuan for a fantastic attitude in class and with consolidations.
Year 4:  Jermaine for a fantastic presentation of historical recount.
Year 5: EJ for increased improvement in spelling and reading activities.
Year 5: Wilma for improving her effort in class with her grammar and improving in her writing.
Year 6: Rebecca for working hard with all of her grammar and improving her writing.
SEP: Hayley for applying the mathematical strategies she has learned to solve maths problems with limited support.
Principal: Year 3/4 for exemplary behaviour on their excursion.
Principal: Year 2/3 for excellent behaviour on their excursion.
Principal:  Year 2A for showing Mr Huelin their reading hierarchy.
Principal: Mila for overcoming her fears and presenting in front of her class.
Principal:  Maynara for her honesty in returning a lost fidget spinner.
Principal: Ruby L, Bell, Peyton B, Hazel, Charlie and Quinn for being honest and trustworthy in returning lost money.