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Student of the Week 5

​Chaelyn, Bailey, Bianka, Tiarna, Max, Coco, Kane, Bridie, Torrell, Ziggy, Hayley, PJ and Ebony
Prep-Antjuan for being a good learner and always trying hard with his work.
Prep-Layla for always trying hard and being a good learner.
Year1A-Lucia for being a pleasant student who works quietly on tasks.
Year1A-Cameron for being a quiet worker who works hard to complete given tasks.
Year1/2-Ruby B for trying hard in all learning areas and coming to school every day.
Year1/2-Juakene for always trying hard in his learning.
Year2A-Kane for his excellent use of addition strategies in maths and applying them to problem solving.
Year2A-Coco for working hard and challenging herself throughout English poetry and writing.
Year2/3-Bridie for her commendable improvement in Maths.
Year2/3-Ziggy for his interesting and creative poem reconstruction.
Year3/4-Bailey for having a positive and friendly attitude in class.
Year4A-Jai for outstanding assessment results working with 4 digit numbers and fractions.
Year4A-Bianka for being switched on to bring her homework and reading folder to school.
Year5A-Aytavia for working to the best of her ability and excelling.
Year5A-Tiarna for your outstanding work ethic in all your subjects.
Year6A-Torrell for his excellent improvements with his writing.
Year6A-PJ for his efforts across all his learning areas.
SEP-Hayley T for being a cooperative, helpful learner this week.
Principal-Ebony for being honest and trustworthy in returning lost money.
Principal-Chaelyn for being honest and trustworthy in returning lost money.
Principal-Max for being an outstanding student in LOTE.