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Student of the Week 5, Term 3


Ethan, Cara, Beau, Tyson, Tahzeak, Thomas, Marcia, Marella, Davarn, Hannah, Liddy, Diezel, Corinthian, Donald, Indie, Ethan, Arlina, Melika and Mila.

Prep: Donald for improvement with his attendance.
Prep: Corinthian for listening and working well during group activities.
Year 1A: Diezel for always doing his best and setting a good example to others.
Year 1/2: Ethan for always participating in literacy and numeracy consolidations.
Year 2/3: Max for being a positive role model and always helping others.
Year 2/3: Marcia for her outstanding effort and achievement in Math.
Year 2A: Davarn for working hard to create his PowerPoint presentation.
Year 2A: Marella for setting well into school and class.
Year 3/4: Liddy for being a champion learner.
Year 4: Lani for her focus and determination in all subjects.
Year 4: Arlina for discussing the events and characters in reading with detail.
Year 5: Cara for consistently trying her best in all subjects.
Year 5: Thomas for always being prepared to commence lessons.
Year 6: Ethan for displaying a positive attitude towards his learning.
SEP: Lesley for being able to use and implement mathematical strategies to solve difficult math problems.
Principal: Hannah, Mila, Lani, Melika and Indie for being honest and trustworthy in returning lost money.
Principal: Tyson and Beau for demonstrating outstanding leadership skills.