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Student of the Week 3, Term 3

Tyson, Laura, Caitlin, Vernon, Anazarrah, Bayahn, Damon, Bianka, Santino, Oliver, Coco, Jaymi, Hunta, Evie, Moharnie, seva, Samuel, Merle and Noah.
Prep: Seva for being kind and respectful to others
Prep:  Maynard for working well in groups and in class.
Year 1A: Lachlan for trying his best and working hard in all subjects.
Year 1/2:  Merle for writing a great sentence about the circus challenge.
Year 2/3:  Samuel for his commendable improvement in all areas.
Year 2/3:  Ty for attempting to complete all of his work on time and subsequently showing improvement in all areas.
Year 2A: Hunta for his enthusiasm and effort whilst completing the reading hierarchy.
Year 2A: Evie for outstanding effort during the reading hierarchy and English consolidations.
Year 3/4: Moharnie for excellence in Maths learning.
Year 3/4: Damon for excellence in Maths learning.
Year 4: Cameron for excellent listening and demonstration during numeracy and working with fractions.
Year 4: Bianka for working independently and supporting others when needed.
Year 5: Santino for always modelling our school rules. Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Learner.
Year 6: Tyson for always showing enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to all aspects of his learning.
Principal: Coco, Noah, Tom and Oliver for being honest and trustworthy in returning lost money.
Principal: Vernon for trying hard at Sport Day and participating in every event.
Principal: Seth for caring for others.