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Student of the Week 2, Term 1

Prep: Abigail for participating in all activities and always having a go.
Prep: Timbre for beginning to make better choices in class and in the playground.
Prep: Malo for being a quiet, respectful and co-operative learner. Keep up the great work Malo!
Year 1: Jarquarn for writing his name neatly and being an enthusiastic learner. Well done Jarquarn!
Year 1: Lamina for settling into her new school with ease.
Year 1: Rhythm for working extremely well in all his school activities and being an attentive listener. Super proud of you.
Year 1: Asher for listening well and having a go all week!
Year 2: Shelby for being an active member in the classroom and always setting an excellent example for other students.
Year 3: Rohoan for having a go and trying his best with a smile on his face!
Year 3: Thea for being a fabawesomelous learner!
Year 4: Peyton Bowen for being a responsible class member who works hard every day.
Year 4: Kane for excellent participation in class discussions and group work.
Year 4: Seth for being an exceptional leader by supporting classmates.
Year 5: Peyton Thorburn for modelling initiative and responsibility by cleaning up after others. Well done Peyton!
Year 5: Dianthe for her incredible efforts in Maths lessons this week. You are a multiplication master Didi!
Year 6: Ilena for displaying an outstanding attitude towards her work. Keep it up!
Year 6: Acacia for completing all activities in the classroom to a high standard. Well done Acacia!
Year 6: Archie for a fantastic first two weeks at Mossman State School. Welcome aboard Archie.