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Student of The Week 2, Term 3

Prep: Maggie for being a quiet and respectful learner.
Prep: Edie for her excellent behaviour and following of rules and routines whilst Mrs Savage were away.
Prep: Eli for being a learner and participating in all class activities.
Prep: Gerald for trying hard with counting and showing numbers. Keep up the great job, Gerald!
Prep: Lucas for being a quiet more focused learner.
Year 1: Asher for thinking of creative adjectives and adverbs in English! Well done, Asher!
Year 1: Iziah for always being ready and willing to help others. Thank you, Iziah!
Year 1: Matthew for striving to complete his tasks on time. Well done mate!
Year 1: Danyan for his dedication to his school work. Your enthusiasm to learn is legendary!
Year 2: Tom for being an enthusiastic and motivated learner and always working to the best of his ability. Keep it up!
Year 3: Lucia for writing detailed factual sentences in Daily Writing. Keep it up!
Year 3: Rikki for his outstanding work.
Year 3: Charlotte for always being friendly and caring to all of her classmates :)
Year 3: Hunter for his outstanding work.
Year 4: Zahkyann for a fantastic focussed start to Term 3.
Year 4: Phoenix for his excellent attitude and participation in learning and activities.
Year 4: Kathrine for consistently completing and returning homework, and home readers.
Year 5: Bailey for his amazing work converting improper fractions.
Year 5: Silas for his excellent journalistic skills when publishing an article about the NAIDOC activities morning!
Year 6: Hayley for displaying amazing work ethics in both Science and HASS, keep up the great work, Hayley.
Year 6: Kaba for his amazing effort in using latitude and longitude to locate places around the world.