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Age Champions 2017

​Wyatt, Jaymi, Tyson, Asia, Jermaine, Xanthe, Ezi and Sheniqua.
On Tuesday we held our Interhouse Athletics Carnival and the weather gods were kind to us at last. This was our first carnival with our new Indigenous house names. Our winning house was our Wandi Sea Eagles with a huge score of 602 points. In second place were our Kadar Wallabies with 466 points and in third place were our Kiju Mud crabs with 411 points.
Our 2017 age champions are:
2008 (9 yr old) girls: Sheniqua 32 pts, runners up: Indiana 18 pts, Liddy 12 pts
2008 (9 yr old) boys: Ezi 36 pts, runners up: Khyjuan 28 pts, Samuel 16 pts
2007 (10 yr old) girls: Xanthe 40 pts, runners up: Cara 18 pts, Elizabeth 16 pts
2007 (10 yr old) boys: Jermaine: 38 pts, runners up: EJ 27 pts, Zavan 13 pts
2006 (11 yr old) girls: Asia 32 pts, runners up: Veti 22 pts, Kaijah 14 pts
2006 (11 yr old) boys: Tyson 42 pts, runners up: Chad 24, Zycohan 20 pts
2005 (12 yr old) girls: Anazarrah 42 pts, runners up: Jaymi 24 pts, Caitlyn 18 pts
2005 (12 yr old) boys: Wyatt 40 pts, runners up: Beau 27 pts, Jack 12 pts
Congratulations to all of our competitors. All placed students from 9 years old and up will compete in our Interschool Athletics carnival at the High School this Friday. We wish all of our competitors the very best of luck on the day.
We saw some fantastic athleticism and sportsmanship on the day, including Toby’s wonderful 400m run in his moon boot and our Wandi House Captain Ethan wanting to share his photo opportunity with the house trophy with all house captains. We are always very proud of our students on these days and these are just two examples of why.
Of course one of the highlights of the day was seeing our champion Teachers’ Relay team  take out the staff, student, parent relay race! Well done team! The seniors certainly gave us a run for our money! 😉